Peter Thomas - Founder

In 1990 Peter left his job as an engineer at BBC’s Maida Vale music studios after selling them his first creation, the BB5 loudspeaker system. Adrian Loader, his business partner and former engineer at Bauch then went on with Peter to form the Professional Monitor Company, PMC. Their next project was the LB1, a more manageable sized monitor released in 1992, followed by the AB1/2, the TB1/2… the list goes on!

Starting off in the professional audio industry, branching out to the consumer market and now more recently involved in custom installation, the company’s ethic instilled by Peter and Adrian in creating specialist products has continued through every new design. Unique electronics, proprietary drive units and cabinet engineering all contribute to unrivalled tonal accuracy, clarity and dynamic range. PMC’s innovative Advanced Transmission Line Technology (ATL™) monitors can now be found in film sound recording studios, broadcast companies, postproduction and audio mastering facilities, living rooms, restaurants, museums and shops.

Tim Ireland
Chief Executive Officer
Miles Roberts
International Sales Director
Dave Frost
Business Development Manager (EMEA)
Paul Bayliss
Business Development Manager Asia-Pacific
Chris Allen
Business Development Manager (Pro)
Ian Sutton
UK Divisional Director
Ian Downs
Professional Sales Manager (UK)
Tom Barron
Business Development Manager (UK South)
Craig Sowerby
Business Development Manager (UK North)
Keith Tonge
Creative Director
Rachel Goodwin
Marketing Creative Designer
Mandeep Basra
Marketing Assistant
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Marketing Assistant
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Group Finance Director
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Management Accountant
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Financial Accountant
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Maurice Patist
President Sales & Marketing USA
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User Relations & Product Manager
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Karen King
Sales & Logistics Administrator
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Sales and Export Co-ordinator
Justin Hough
Operations Director
Tom Loader
Operations Manager
Lee Allen
Scheduling Administrator
Jade Grace
Purchasing Assistant
Syeda Maheda Manna
Purchasing Assistant
Oliver Thomas
R & D Manager
Andy Wilson
Technical Manager
Phil Millross
Design Engineer
Elliott Whyte
Electronic Design Engineer
Mark Schofield
Manufacturing Engineer
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Service Manager
Geoff Cooper
Senior Service Engineer
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Service & Development Engineer
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Service Assistant
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Quality Assurance Manager
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Quality Control Inspector
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Logistics & Stock Control Manager
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Warehouse Manager
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Warehouse Assistant
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Warehouse Operative
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Warehouse Operative
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Warehouse Operative
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Production Supervisor
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Technical Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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Production Assembler
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PCB Assembler
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PCB Assembler
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PCB Assembler
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PCB Assembler
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Company Maintenance