PMC + Dolby Atmos at Home

PMC + Dolby Atmos at Home

PMC’s involvement in surround sound production is legendary, with titles such as Game of Thrones, Spiderman, James Bond and many more created using PMC speakers. Now, with the advent of Dolby Atmos music, PMC is once again pivotal in the creation process, with our loudspeakers being the choice of the world’s leading music makers, studios and Dolby themselves.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Originally developed for cinemas, Dolby Atmos is an innovative audio technology, with sound that actually moves around you in an immersive soundscape.

The sound mixers can place individual sounds, so they move all around you revealing phenomenal, nuanced details in the audio. This immersive experience envelops you in sound and puts you at the centre of the story.

PMC + Dolby Atmos at Home
Mix and Match PMC to experience Dolby Atmos

What is Dolby Atmos Music?

Dolby Atmos Music is reinventing how songs are made and experienced. In the same way as movie producers work on the soundtracks, artists mix their music using this advanced audio technology, placing individual sounds all around you.

To create this cutting-edge experience, the world’s leading professionals use the world’s leading loudspeakers.

Watch five times Grammy Award winner, Jacob Collier, working with Dolby Atmos music in the PMC equipped mix suite at the legendary Capitol Studios >

Making of the Miles Davis Atmos surround mixes

with PMC’s Maurice Patist, Davis Rideau & Steve Genewick

PMC has its own Dolby Atmos mixing studios located in Los Angeles, New York and London.

And to really show our understanding of the format, our own talented engineers, along with Capitol Studios in Hollywood, have created Dolby Atmos music remixes of Miles Davis’ seminal albums Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain in this new cutting-edge immersive format.

Dolby atmos at home

How to experience
Dolby Atmos at home

Use PMC speakers to get the very best out of your Atmos experience, connected to an amplifier that can decode Dolby Atmos allowing you to feel the music all around you — even overhead.

After all, chances are the breath-taking surround soundtrack or music mix will have been created on PMC loudspeakers in the first place.

You can find a vast array of Dolby Atmos Music via Amazon Music HD, TIDAL and Apple Music

How to experience
Dolby Atmos Cinema

Being truly immersed
A PMC equipped home theatre provides a supreme cinematic experience and an Atmos music performance that will be the envy of any true audiophile.

Mixing and matching any of the PMC designs, from the discreet ci series to floor standing or stand mounted models, will exceed your expectations.

Dolby Cinema


Demonstrating of the pinnacle of cinema sound to our business partners.

The top studios are creating Atmos with PMC

So, when it comes to playing back any material in Atmos, whether that be music from Apple, Tidal or Qobuz, or your favourite movies from Amazon, Netflix, Apple or Blu-ray, PMC is the only choice to hear it exactly as the creators intended.

PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios
PMC + Dolby atmos Studios

Mix & Match PMC to experience Dolby Atmos

The absolute best way to experience Dolby Atmos Music is through a multi-speaker set up using a combination of our products.

PMC is the only choice to hear it exactly as the creators intended. That’s because with PMC’s vast array of product options - all with an identical tonal balance and character - from the classic audiophile designs, such as the twenty5i, SE, fact and flagship fenestria, to the ci series and studio monitors used around the world, it is easy to create a bespoke state-of-the-art immersive audio system that will take full advantage of this latest surround sound format.

Explore the models you can mix and match.
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