Home Audio FAQ

This is the PMC FAQ containing information that relates to home audio and custom install products. Please browse the list and see if your question has been answered.

What is the difference between passive and active speakers?

In a passive loudspeaker the low-level audio signal is amplified by an external power amplifier before it reaches the loudspeaker cabinet. This signal is then split by a selection of components  into the  frequency ranges suitable for each drive unit. This usually found inside the cabinet and is called a passive crossover. This is the most common method used in home audio and allows the choice of the widest selection of amplification.

Where can I demo and purchase the speakers?

Please follow the link and click on your county from the list to locate your nearest dealer. Where to Buy

What is Bi and Tri Wiring?

Bi-wiring is the use of two runs of speaker cable per channel between the amplifier and speaker. Tri-wiring is similarly the use of three runs of speaker cable per channel, but you will require a three way loudspeaker and three rear pairs of terminals per speaker to achieve this. Some people advocate that separating the signal paths aids the retrieval of fine detail. However, the evidence is far from conclusive. If you intend to bi-wire your two way speakers, or tri-wire your three way speakers ensure the metal links on the back-panel have been removed.

What amplifiers do we recommend?

We use both our own, and Bryston amplifiers.  We have distributed Bryston in the UK for many years and we share the same design philosophy and they therefore they make great partners. Our cor integrated amplifier is also a superb choice and has won awards throughout the globe and will combine perfectly with all our models up to the fact.12 Signature.

What speaker should I choose?

To choose a speaker, you should consider the following:

• How big is my listening area?
• How loud do you listen to your music?

The choice of speaker will always be down to your own personal preferences, whether you listen to your music loud or quiet, or have a room large or small, PMC accommodates for all needs though its extensive consumer range of bookshelf, stand mount and floor standing monitors.


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