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Discerning listeners all over the world agree. Our designs are involved in every link of the music-making chain, from the recording studio to listening at home, which means we know exactly how to present music as transparently as possible, just as the artist intended. This knowledge, combined with our love for music, drives us to create products that you listen through rather than to.

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the technology behind the music

PMC was founded in the belief that there were many ways in which loudspeaker design could be improved - and better products aren't made by following the crowd. Off-the-shelf drivers, cabinets, and crossovers are commonplace in today's mass-produced world, but our reference monitors demand innovative, non-standard attention to detail to produce the low-distortion, high-resolution designs which have made our reputation.

That's why our cabinets are hand-built, the design of our drivers is unique to us, and our underlying technologies are patented, proprietary designs.

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