PMC introduces an elegantly simple solution for any music lover – the Active twenty5i series. With optimised amplification built into every speaker, all you need is a preamplifier or streamer with an output volume control to create a world-class music system.

At PMC, we're always striving for a closer connection with the music through greater transparency, purity and resolution. For over 30 years, we've been applying this thinking in the professional world through active speakers, with precision analogue crossovers feeding dedicated amplification optimised for each drive unit.

With the new Active twenty5i series, we're bringing this approach to the best-selling twenty5i speaker series, with integrated electronics and amplification enabling superb performance and a fuss-free system without needing a separate power amplifier or integrated amp. Add a preamp or streaming device, and you have a complete high-resolution system without the clutter of multiple hi-fi components.

In the Active twenty5i series, each driver is directly coupled to an ideally matched 100W power amplifier, able to control the driver with a vice-like grip. Ahead of the power amps, a meticulously modelled analogue crossover splits the incoming signal, so each amplifier is only handling the frequencies appropriate to the driver it's powering, guaranteeing ideal driver integration and a staggeringly pure, natural, and free-breathing sound.

It's an elegantly simple solution for any music lover, reinventing the twenty5i speakers with even greater resolution and control and bringing you even closer to the music.

The Active twenty5.21i is the smallest in the range, but its impact and portrayal of any piece of music is far from small, thanks to PMC’s ATL bass loading and 2x100W active amplification.

The more substantial Active twenty5.22i is a true performer, able to fill larger spaces with compelling sound, and is equally at home on its dedicated stands, console, or other furniture.

The 23 has long been the most popular model in our range – now the Active twenty5.23i builds on that success, combing a combination of weight and refinement in a still-compact floorstanding form.

The largest two-way speaker in the range, the Active twenty5.24i combines the resolution and power of our active technology with our in-house drivers and ATL, for performances with realism, precision, and breathtaking dynamics.

active twenty5i