As true innovators, we’re never satisfied: we’re always looking for ways to hone our designs using new materials, technologies, or innovations from our professional studio speakers. If we discover ways to provide you with even greater transparency, realism, and musicality by offering upgrades to existing products, that’s precisely what we’ll offer you.

Make your twenty5 and twenty5i loudspeakers active. Existing owners of two-way twenty5 and twenty5i speakers – 21, 22, 23 & 24 – can now add all the active benefits of higher resolution, control, and transparency with a simple-to-install Active upgrade pack.

The signature crossover upgrade elevates the performance of the original fact.8 design to the next level with even greater levels of lifelike detail.

It is hard to believe that the performance of such a stunning loudspeaker as the fact.12 could be improved, but advancements in crossover technology have made this a reality.