Key Clients

Decoy Studios

Suffolk, UK
Situated just over an hour outside of London in picturesque Suffolk countryside, Decoy Studios combines high-end construction techniques with boutique vibe to provide a truly unique recording experience.

 Designed by world renowned studio builders White Mark (The Hit Factory, Air Studios), Decoy offers two large control rooms, a booth, live room and vast array of esoteric equipment, microphones and instruments to inspire both musicians and engineers alike.

With an impressive list of artists having already visited including The Maccabees, George Ezra, Jamie T, Tom O’Dell, Skaters, The Vaccines, Passenger, Sivu, The Family Rain, and Kodaline, Decoy Studios is fast becoming one of the UKs most prestigious new recording facilities.

PMC twotwo.5s have been added to the reference monitors permanently installed in the mix room. Mix Engineer, Cenzo Townsend, said the following about their latest addition, "I think the PMCs are wonderful and sound great". "I like the twotwos when I'm working on vocals," he goes on. "They really open up the top end of vocals, specifically — if I've overdone something, if it's a bit unnatural in the high frequencies, or a de-esser is grabbing, for example, they reveal that to me instantly. At the low end, I can work very quietly if I choose, but still hear the definition between the kick drum and the bass — and the PMCs will very quickly reveal to me if I've got phase problems between the two. The other week I was struggling with this very dense track, and wasn't sure how best to proceed. I decided to play the mix-in-progress on the PMCs. Quite quickly, I was able to identify and make some small adjustments which opened everything up."