Key Clients

Wiktorów Studios


Wiktorów Studio, a new recording facility near the Kampinos National Park in Poland, has installed PMC IB2S monitors in its main control room, citing power and clarity as the main reasons for choosing them.

"We chose them because they had the power and clarity we needed,” says the studio's Producer/Engineer, Patrick Multan. “These speakers sound just how we want them to sound – very clear at the bottom end, even without a subwoofer, and very precise in the mid-range.  They are also easy to listen to and not at all tiring – to the extent that I sometimes stay mixing for much longer than I had planned. I can also do so much more because I can hear all the little tweaks. The more I mix with them, the more confident I feel. It's not easy to work when you hear every little detail but it does force you to listen to what is actually happening with the sound.”

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