Afrojack picks PMC twotwo.6 monitors

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Afrojack with his PMC twotwo.6's

Dutch house music producer, DJ and artist Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack, recently purchased a pair of PMC twotwo.6 speakers so he could continue to work on mixes and prepare sets while on his latest international tour. The purchase resulted in an unexpected weekend trip to Ibiza in August for PMC's Phil Milross, who delivered the speakers in person.

The 2013 Jacked tour began in Balaton, Hungary on July 7th, and has been based throughout Europe ever since, taking in Croatia, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden, and The Netherlands, with Afrojack visiting the UK for Global Gathering at the end of July. Throughout August, he was DJing in Ibiza every Tuesday between tour dates, and it was from Ibiza that PMC received a call.

"He's been a PMC user for a few years; he has a BB5 system in his main studio," explains Milross. "He contacted us because he wanted a portable monitoring setup which would give him the same great results, and of course you can't really cart a pair of BB5s around with you! He liked the idea that he could drive the twotwos directly from his laptop, and that closed the deal really. He needed the speakers at short notice, though, so that was when I got a call: 'Phil, not doing anything in particular this weekend, are you…?' So I flew over with them on a plane and had an unexpected long weekend!"

The Jacked tour returns to the USA at the end of August: full details can be found at