New Big Blue IB2 XBDS-A Studio Monitors

Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Blue IB2 XBDS-A

The big blue from PMC – new IB2 XBDS-A studio monitors

PMC is now shipping the IB2 XBDS-A active monitors in its new corporate blue finish to deliver the full-scale dynamics and no-compromise performance of the world’s leading reference loudspeaker, the BB5 XBD-A, in a smaller stylish package that will really stand out from the crowd.

The IB2 XBDS-A is a two-cabinet system comprising the three-way IB2S-A, with the 34mm tweeter from the BB5; PMC’s hand-built 75mm fabric dome midrange; and 250mm carbon fibre/Nomex™ piston bass driver as well as the XBD bass cabinet for extended low frequency output. This follows the pattern established by the BB5 XBD-A reference monitor.

4000 watts of PMC designed Class-D amplification (stereo pair) and DSP (digital signal processing) crossover control makes the IB2S-XBD one of the most accurate monitoring systems in the world.

The IB2 XBDS-A features PMC’s ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology to produce low distortion bass output to below 20Hz. The addition of the XBD bass unit, with its identical 250mm piston bass driver, adds +3dB of low-frequency headroom for a smoother room response and the ability to drive larger acoustic environments. The XBD cabinet may also be used as a stand-alone subwoofer for .1 channel monitoring applications.

The IB2 XBDS-A features a hand held remote control for system management and set up of different configurations from basic stereo to 7.1 surround. User adjustable HF and LF shelving filters, per channel +/- 8dB input trim levels, an AES3 digital input and the ability to adjust the input sensitivity of the balanced analogue inputs from +4dB to +20dB.