PMC’s fact.8 and fact.12 Now Upgradeable To Signature Status

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

PMC is introducing a product upgrade for owners of the orignal fact.8 and fact.12 loudspeakers to elevate them to fact signature performance levels, with increased transparency and greater resolution. This retailer provided service replaces the original fact series crossovers with the vastly improved signature circuits, developed by PMC as a result of the research conducted during the creation of the flagship fact fenestria.

Since they launched, the fact series loudspeakers have been hailed around the world as the pinnacle of PMC’s audiophile range. They benefited from incorporating everything the company learned in its previous 20 years into the elegant, advanced transmission line speakers, winning many fans, countless awards and selling in considerable numbers. These global accolades continued with the release of the signature models, with numerous Editor’s Choice awards.

During the development of fenestria, PMC’s engineers undertook extensive research into the effect of vibrations on audio performance. In particular, the analysis of vibration and its impact on sensitive components within crossover circuits led to fenestria being fitted with the very best, British made, capacitors and non-inductive German resistors, designed to eradicate internal micro-vibrations which have a negative impact on the performance of the speaker. This technology was employed in the fact signature series, resulting in new crossovers, mounted on military-grade circuit boards, that are populated with the same key hand-selected components employed in the fenestria, with the positioning of each component carefully calculated to minimise unwanted interference. Each crossover is tuned to provide optimum performance of the system with improvements in the resolution of micro-details, soundstage presentation and an increased tangibility in the critical midrange/vocal region.

Owners of existing fact.8 and fact.12 models will be able take them to their local PMC retailer and request an upgrade be undertaken to elevate the performance of their speakers to signature status.

The fact.8 signature and fact.12 signature upgrades will be available from October 2023.

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