Hi-fi Retailer helps Multi-Platinum selling Rock Band find its Sound with PMC loudspeakers

Monday, April 30, 2012

Adventures in Hifi

Chester based retailer Adventures in Hi-Fi has come to the aid of Embrace, the multi-platinum selling and three-times number one album rock band, by arranging for their studio to be equipped with PMC speakers for the recording of the band's latest album.

Rob Baxendale, owner of Adventures in Hi-Fi, has known Mickey Dale, keyboard player with Embrace, since 2001, having met at a hi-fi show in Manchester. This first encounter came as a result of Adventures having been contracted to install a state of the art hi-fi system for leading record producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Badly Drawn Boy) who was at the time producing the band's third album "If You've Never Been". Mickey went along to meet Rob and his colleague Steve Molyneux and then accompanied them on the installation. He was so impressed by what he heard that he asked Rob and Steve to take a look at his own system. This led to the discovery of common musical tastes and a mutual love of the traditional Yorkshire staple diet of beer and curry, which helped cement a lasting friendship.

Adventures in Hi-Fi has long been an advocate of PMC loudspeakers, stocking and selling products from the British manufacturer of the world's leading professional studio monitors and renowned hi-fi speakers. Rob introduced Mickey to the brand at one of their regular music listening sessions, with Mickey soon following Rob into ownership of some of PMC’s large monitors for his own system. Subsequently much of the band's work has been mixed and mastered using PMC speakers at such facilities as Metropolis in London.

After a hiatus of six years, Embrace are currently working on their sixth studio album at the band's custom built recording studio near Halifax in West Yorkshire. Unhappy with the performance of their existing studio monitors, Mickey contacted Rob to ask if he could help with some PMCs. Rob contacted PMC and arranged for a pair of the new IB1SA active monitors to be installed in the studio.                                                                                                                          

The new speakers have been a real benefit to the band, enabling them to get deeper into the mix with much greater accuracy and realism to aid the music making process.

Rob commented, “When Mickey contacted me to ask whether we could help the out with a set of PMC monitor speakers for use in the studio I immediately said yes, knowing what a difference a good set of monitors would make to their recording sessions.” He continued, “I have used PMCs for many years in my hi-fi system and there really are no other speakers like them. When a band uses PMCs for the recording they are getting the most accurate picture of their work possible and when you use a set to listen to their music you can be sure you are hearing it just the way they wanted you to hear it.”

Adventures in Hi-Fi has a comprehensive selection of PMC loudspeakers on demonstration at its premises at 86 Boughton, Chester, where lovers of any genre of music, not just Embrace fans, can experience the musical realism that comes from using the ultimate loudspeakers.