PMC’s IB2S Monitors Still Get Mark den Hartog’s Pulse Racing

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Eight years after installing PMC IB2S monitors at his studio in the Netherlands, Mark den Hartog says he is still crazy about the sound they are delivering and couldn’t imagine replacing them with anything else.

“They are the beating heart of my studio and listening room,” he says. “When people come here to work, they are all amazed by the sound. One even claimed the room sounded better than Abbey Road! I don’t quite believe that, but it does sound pretty great!”

As well as being a musician in his own right, Mark den Hartog works as a mix and mastering engineer and also creates special effects for commercials and festivals. Work he has completed include projects for Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Hard Bass, Supperclub, Tiesto, Armin, Cynn, Boaz vd Beats and Bardo State.

Mark has coupled his IB2S monitors with a ‘self-built’ Hypex Amp. His studio close to Amsterdam and The Hague also houses a pair of PMC twotwo.8 monitors, which he bought in 2014 for an additional listening environment.

“I chose PMC because I love the sound of their monitors,” he says. “All of the bigger PMC speakers have the same tweets and mids as the IB2S so by choosing these I was able to get the sound I knew and loved in a monitor that fitted my room. The depth of the woofers is plenty as I was recently EQ-ing in the 23 to 25 hz range.”

Great stereo imaging, tight bass and fast transient sound are the main reasons why Mark is still working with the IB2S.

“You can lose yourself in the stereo image,” he says. “Before I bought PMC, I tried another brand of big monitors but they didn’t go as deep and weren’t as fast as these. I am very happy with the result I get from them, although I need to be careful with the low end as the IB2S can take a lot without clipping. However, I know these monitors very well, so I know how far and how deep I can push things, while still keeping the sound in check.”

Like so many recording professionals, Covid has affected Mark’s works and he is now mainly dealing directly with individual artists. He has also started working for a new record label and is confident that the projects he has mastered will be hits over the coming weeks.