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Steve Hogarth performs at PMC's 20th anniversary

The British Music Experience, The O2, London. In celebration of PMC’s 20th anniversary, the company hosted a conference, gala dinner and awards ceremony earlier this week for its international distributors and UK retailers, which concluded with an exclusive concert. 

Twenty Series

New twenty series from PMC celebrates 20 years of world class loudspeaker manufacturing

The British Music Experience, The O2, London. At a conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company, PMC is introducing a new range of loudspeakers, the twenty series, which offer the music lover unparalled performance and set a new benchmark for...

Peter Thomas at the 20th Anniversary Dinner

PMC was established 20 years ago out of the passion of BBC engineer Peter Thomas and FWO Bauch engineer Adrian Loader, who built their first full-range monitor in a garage, the ‘Big Box’ was born. Based on transmission-line technology, what became known as the BB5, was later to be sold to the BBC for use at Maida Vale, effectively handling the higher sound pressure levels required for pop and...

AV One, PMC's new distributors in Singapore

In a further expansion of PMC’s international distribution activities, the company has appointed AV One to be its exclusive consumer products distributor for Singapore, with immediate effect. 

Since 1998, AV One has specialised in...

Bruno Senna with AML2 speakers

Formula One driver, Bruno Senna, nephew of the late Ayrton Senna, is currently installing a pair of PMC´s AML2 active monitors in his Monaco-based project studio, where he carries out remixes and production work of house and trance music. The Brazilian recently visited the PMC factory to collect his AML2s, whilst on route to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix.

The driver for the...

Big Blue IB2 XBDS-A

The big blue from PMC – new IB2 XBDS-A studio monitors

PMC is now shipping the IB2 XBDS-A active monitors in its new corporate blue finish to deliver the full-scale dynamics and no-compromise performance of the world’s leading reference loudspeaker, the BB5 XBD-A, in a smaller stylish package that will really stand out from the crowd.

The IB2 XBDS-A is a two-cabinet system...