PMC’s Entente Cordiale with distributor DEA International, France

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PMC loudspeakers has further enhanced its international distribution with the appointment of DEA International to oversee sales of the company’s hi-fi, home theatre and custom installation products, bringing PMC quality to the music lovers of France.

Based in Champigny-sur-Marne, just 18 km south east of central Paris, DEA International was confirmed as distributor following the introduction of PMC’s acclaimed twenty™ series speakers. Together with the iSeries, fact® and wafer™ products, the twenty series completes DEA’s line up of quality audio brands, enabling it to service its dealers across France with a complete portfolio of products.

DEA, or Design Electro Acoustic, was established in 1999 through the coming together of four individuals already established in hi-fi distribution. Working closely with the leading French independent retailers and national accounts the business quickly established itself as a leading distributor, with brands such as Tangent, Carat and Inovadis. To further enhance their distribution portfolio, and complement the high-end electronics that had been added to the range, a world-leading loudspeaker was required, for which the company approached PMC.

Pascal Tokatlian of DEA takes up the story, “It was time for us to associate high quality speakers to our electronic hi-fi products and we knew of the great fame of the PMC brand in the professional world.” He adds, “We are very proud to have been appointed as distributor and will be working hard to promote PMC and make these excellent products known to the retailers in France.”

Appointing DEA International, Mike Picanza, PMC head of sales, said, “We are confident that the considerable experience of working with the retail sector in France, with a range of high quality hi-fi products, equips DEA with exactly the right skills and contacts to make PMC a real success in this market. We are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Pascal and the team.”