PMC Completes its Quest for Hi-Fi Distribution in Israel

Monday, July 30, 2012

Soundquest of Israel

PMC loudspeakers has appointed Israel‘s Soundquest as distributor for the company’s range of consumer loudspeakers, to bring the performance benefits of owning PMCs to the many music lovers across the county.

With its rich heritage in many genres of music, which includes producing some of the world’s leading classical musicians, Israel is a county familiar with good quality music. The appointment of Tel Aviv based Soundquest now enables this nation of music lovers to enjoy the rich diversity of Israeli music with all the realism and passion that only PMC speakers can deliver.

With PMC’s heritage in producing the world’s finest studio monitors, and its philosophy of producing speakers with the lowest possible colouration and distortion, its range of domestic loudspeakers enable recordings to be heard in the home exactly as the artist intended. The company’s Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) technology, which is used in all its speakers, provides a low frequency performance and midrange clarity that belies both the size and price of the products. The latest models to feature the ATL are the highly acclaimed twenty™ series, which will be leading the introduction of the brand into the Israeli market.

Gabby Amram of Soundquest commented, “We walked into PMC’s room at the High End Show in Munich and could not believe just how good the speakers sounded. We were listening to the new twenty series and the sound was so impressive, it was immediate, dynamic and transparent and love at first sight!” He added, “We knew from that moment that we had to distribute these speakers in Israel and we are very pleased that PMC agreed and appointed us.

Andy Duffield, PMC sales manager said, “Gabby and the team at Soundquest are leading the field in Israel in terms of providing quality audio equipment for music lovers. It was obvious from our discussions that they fully understood our philosophy and approach to loudspeaker design. A shared belief in the importance of reproducing music exactly as recorded was a very strong contributing factor in our decision to appoint them as distributors.” He added, “We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship which brings benefits to both our companies and to the music lovers of Israel.”