PMC Powers up its Bryston Distribution Business with New Appointment to Focus on Brand Development

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tom Barron

PMC loudspeakers is re-affirming its commitment to the development of the Bryston Electronics brand through the creation of a network of Bryston Centres of Excellence. To oversee their growth and drive sales in the domestic market, the company has appointed Tom Barron to the position of Bryston account manager.

Since taking on the UK distribution of the Canadian range of high quality electronics in 1993, PMC has worked hard to build the brand to its current position. Used widely in the world of professional recording and mastering studios, very often partnered with PMC’s own range of studio monitors, the company’s products are increasingly finding favour with the discerning UK high-end domestic audio market.

Appointing Tom Barron to the role of Bryston account manager enables PMC to re-organise the domestic retail channel through a better focus on the needs of the brand and its retailers. He will be responsible for the appointment, management and training of the Centres of Excellence. This will ensure that all retail staff fully understand the brand and the benefits of Bryston’s no compromise approach to equipment design and comply with PMC’s Certified Retail Standards.

PMC has employed Bryston amplification for its large-scale studio monitoring systems for many years and regularly uses full Bryston hi-fi systems at its show and exhibition appearances. All PMC speakers are designed using Bryston equipment as the source and amplification and so having worked with both brands for nearly 14 years, Tom is ideally placed to lead the next stage in the development of the business in the UK. He will be undertaking this role in addition to his position as UK account manager for the PMC brand.

On being appointed to his new position, Tom Barron said, “I am delighted to be given this opportunity to drive the building of the Bryston business in the UK. Like PMC’s approach to loudspeaker design, Bryston takes a no-compromise stance when it comes to gaining the maximum audio and musical performance from its products and they are two brands that work perfectly together to give a performance unsurpassed by anything else in their class.” Commenting on the task ahead he added, “I will be working with a carefully selected group of retailers across the UK so we have strong geographical coverage that puts Bryston within easy reach of audiophiles up and down the land. Each Centre of Excellence will receive in-depth training to ensure they are fully conversant with all aspects of the brand, to enable them to serve their customers with confidence.”