Sound & Vision, The PMC Show with no less than six rooms using PMC loudspeakers

Monday, February 20, 2012

11.3 Demo in the What HiFi? Sound & Vision Room

In a very public acknowledgement of just how good the stunning new PMC twenty series is, no less than five rooms at the forthcoming Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, will be using models from the range and What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision will be using the company’s on-wall wafer series throughout its demonstrations.

In addition to PMC demonstrating the twenty series in stereo in room 202 and in multi-channel configuration, with the new twenty.C centre speaker fed by the new Bryston SP-3 processor, in the Berlin Suite, four other rooms will be PMC equipped.

After consideration of many different brands of loudspeaker, Roksan, the manufacturer of turntables and electronics, has opted for a pair of the flagship twenty.24 in Diamond Black finish and will be using them to demonstrate its products in room 116.

Heed Audio, marking its UK re-launch at the show, has chosen to use the twenty.21 and twenty.24 to demonstrate its Obelisk range of electronics in room 322. Diamond Black has once again proven itself a popular choice, with Richard Hay of Heed choosing this finish to complement the gloss black finish of the Heed products.

A few rooms down the corridor on the third floor, in room 316, US cable giant audioquest will be demonstrating the positive impact its cables have on digital audio systems. The company’s loudspeakers of choice for this presentation: the PMC twenty.21s.

By far and away the largest collection of PMC loudspeakers at the Bristol Show will be in the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision room on the ground floor. Each year the magazine puts on a large scale demonstration to impress visitors with the latest in home entertainment technology and this year it has opted for a very impressive 11.1 channel home theatre system.

Following the recent glowing review in What Hi-Fi? the magazine requested PMC’s wafer on-wall speakers for this room. The seven channels of front left, right and centre, surround and rear surround will be conveyed using wafer2 speakers. The front left and right and rear left and right height channels will feature the wafer1 on-wall speakers. Fitted with custom designed grilles from the wafer art service, the 11 channels will produce a surround sound experience the likes of which very few visitors to the show will have experienced. If 11 wafer speakers with their advanced transmission line (ATL™) technology aren’t enough then the bass experience will have to be heard to be believed. The magazine has specified three of PMC’s XB3 subwoofers, each of which features a 15” radial drive unit and is more usually used as the lower part of the company’s flagship studio speaker system the BB5-XBD. With a Bryston 7BSST2 power amplifier on each sub, there will be 1800 watts on tap producing bass down to an earth shattering 17Hz.

So to experience the best that PMC has to offer, visitors simply need to take their pick from any one of the six rooms that are equipped with the company’s products, or better still, visit them all. Ask us a question Ask us a Question