A trio of new products from PMC at Bristol Sound & Vision

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bristol Sound & Vision Show

PMC loudspeakers will feature no fewer than three new products at this year’s Sound & Vision show in Bristol on 24-26 February. The new twenty.C centre channel and new Bryston SP-3 surround processor will be on demonstration in the Berlin Suite and room 204 will feature the new Bryston BHA-1 headphone amplifier, in addition to the recently launched PMC twenty series which is receiving its Bristol debut in room 202.

The new twenty.C dedicated centre channel loudspeaker, with styling and performance to complement the recently launched twenty series speakers, will form part of a twenty series 5.1 system in the Berlin Suite on the ground floor. The twenty.24s for the front channels, twenty.21s for the rears, twenty.C centre and TLE1 active subwoofer will be partnered with the new top of the range Bryston SP-3 surround processor and the five channel Bryston 9B SST2 power amplifier for a demonstration of the ultimate in home theatre.

Upstairs in room 204 on the second floor, another new Bryston product, the BHA-1 headphone amplifier will get its first UK showing. With all the benefits of Bryston’s market-leading amplifier technology, its Class-A circuitry, dual mono design and substantial power supplies, visitors will be able to experience the very best in headphone electronics in partnership with Sennheiser though its new flagship headphones.

Next door in room 202, the entire critically acclaimed twenty series will be put through its paces for the first time at the Bristol show. Being demonstrated in two-channel stereo mode and partnered with Bryston electronics, visitors will be able to experience and appreciate twenty years of PMC’s loudspeaker expertise by listening to music from the world’s biggest names which has been recorded and mastered using PMC loudspeakers.