Twenty Series Drives Worldwide Growth for PMC

Friday, May 25, 2012

Twenty Series Drives Worldwide Growth

PMC loudspeakers is expanding its production capacity in the UK and worldwide distribution as a result of the phenomenal demand for its recently introduced twenty series speakers, bucking the trend of declining business experienced by the consumer hi-fi industry.

Its production facility based in Luton has been bolstered by the employment of new staff dedicated to the fulfilment of orders from around the world for the twenty series, which have continued to grow by 10 per cent per month. In addition, many new dealers were signed up at the recent High End Show in Munich, including 14 in Germany, 15 in Italy, 8 in Canada, 8 in the Netherlands and 10 in Switzerland.

The phenomenal success of the twenty series, comprising two stand-mount, two floor-standing models and a dedicated centre channel speaker, follows PMC’s 20th anniversary worldwide conference in September 2011 at the famous O2 music venue in London’s docklands to which it invited its global distributors, UK retailers and members of the media. In addition to the conference speakers, gala dinner and private concert, featuring some of the UK’s top musicians, the company unveiled the twenty series loudspeakers to rapturous applause and universal acclaim by all present.

The twenty series has also been exciting the world’s leading hi-fi reviewers and magazines, with no fewer than ten five star reviews from the UK, Germany, Italy and France and many more from other territories, such as the Far East, due out over the coming months. With the eminent reviewer Ken Kessler having gone as far as making the twenty.21 his reference small loudspeaker.

Miles Roberts, managing director, said of the company’s success, “There is no denying that our performance and growth during the toughest trading conditions ever witnessed by the hi-fi industry, is nothing short of fantastic.                                                                   

“We knew the actual moment of unveiling the twenty series was going to be spectacular due to the venue we selected and planning that went into our 20th anniversary conference, and we had total confidence in the look and sound of the products.  But even we couldn’t have anticipated just how well they would be received by our distributors and retailers across the world.

“It is testament to the vision of the design team responsible for the products that we find ourselves in the situation where we literally cannot make them fast enough to satisfy demand and why we have had to employ more people to keep up with the orders.“