This is a valuable collection of significant professional and HiFi equipment archived for posterity.


The History of Audio

The PMC Museum of Audio is an exceptional compendium of professional recording and HiFi equipment that has been carefully curated over many years by PMC’s founder Peter Thomas.

This unique collection of over 500 items illustrates the technical advances and achievements made by so many audio companies over the last 120 years. By bringing these products together into one collection, PMC aims to preserve examples of the best and rarest audio technology so that they can be studied and enjoyed by future generations of enthusiasts and audio engineers. .

As a designer of world-renowned loudspeakers, it is no surprise that loudspeakers formed the genesis of Thomas’ collection. But over the years he has added examples of many different audio products, from professional tape machines and microphones to amplifiers, turntables and record players. The oldest item in the PMC Museum of Audio dates to the early 1900s, while the strangest must surely be a portable, ‘over the shoulder’ record player from the 1950s that allowed cool kids of the time to play 45 singles while on the move.

“There is a great deal we can learn from history, and this collection highlights many technologies that were never exploited properly when they were first introduced because they were so far ahead of their time,” Peter Thomas says. “The PMC Museum acts as an archive of all that we have learned about audio over the years, and we hope it will continue to inspire and intrigue enthusiasts for many years to come.”