FB and TB have received accolades from all corners of the world and are viewed as the benchmark in the realm of the audiophile. In celebration of ten years production of these 'audio classics' two limited edition signature models have been conceived.

Dubbed the Signature models, they display all the ultra high definition and finesse of the current i series designs with added refinement and transparency in the mid, vocal range. The key to this enhancement is the fine tuning to the crossover networks which has been carried out Peter Thomas himself designer and founder of PMC.

Such is the confidence in build quality and engineering excellence the warranty period has been doubled to match the ten phenomenally successful years since their launch. The beautifully handcrafted British cabinets are finished in the distinct and rare rose palissandre veneer. A chic enhancement for any modern or traditional interior.

Both FB and TB share the same professionally proven six and half inch bass unit and the precision built SOLONEX™ domed tweeter results in a vast, vivid audio picture and deep rich bass which can be experienced throughout the room. With the FB1i Signature's longer ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) it provides a deeper and richer low frequency extension than the TB and therefore excels has the ability to fill a larger listening room.

Customer Reviews

"The FB1i Signature is a revelation. The speakers disappear, leaving the music in all its glory "
Mr M, Norwich
"The FB1i Signatures make music. You can tell that’s what they’re designed to do and they do it effortlessly. Everything sounds very natural and easy... They're truly amazing with detail and bass! "
Mr H, Belgium
"These speakers are simply amazing. I hear things in my music I never heard before! Great job! "
"The sound is amazing, friends can't believe the sound that comes from only two speakers. They are a pleasure to show off. "
Mr S, Canada
"very, very, very pleased!!! "
Mr L, Bolton
"Out the box performance is a dramatic step up from my previous well regarded stand mounters. Detail, separation and bass performance are impressive and very well balanced. Pound for pound, the best upgrade I have made by far. "
Mr B, Brighton


ATL Tecnology


  • Greater detail & more natural
  • A full, rich sound at any volume level
  • Deeper bass from a smaller cabinet

The source of PMC’s legendary natural, realistic sound is the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology, professionally proven all around the world.

ATL uses energy generated by the bass unit in a much more intelligent, efficient way than speaker designs based on ported or sealed boxes.

Find out more here

ATL Tecnology
LaminairTM Tecnology

Our Laminair™ aerodynamic vent technology takes audio performance to the next level.... find out more

LaminairTM Tecnology
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