SE Active Series

PMC’s SE range has its roots in the company’s high-end three-way reference monitors, the IB2, MB2, BB5, and the awesome twin-cabinet XBD versions, found in premier studios all over the world. Combining the finest traditions of British cabinet-making and cutting-edge acoustic research and development techniques, the se models achieve new standards in audiophile reproduction and musicality. The range, now available in a variety of passive and active configurations, incorporates meticulously designed internal bracing, computer-modeled driver dispersion surrounds, and custom-created, carefully tuned stands, all bringing listeners closer to the original performance, free from unnatural colouration.
Many of the SE series loudspeakers are now manufactured in active and passive versions. The IB2se is exclusively passive, and the enormous power output of the BB5 XBDse can only be delivered in an active configuration. With all other models, the choice is yours.

PMC’s active designs take our loudspeakers to another level. In our active SE systems, the loudspeakers are matched with Bryston-built PMC audiophile amplification and active crossovers, custom-tailored to the precise designs and power requirements of the loudspeakers; the amplification is also directly coupled to the drive units for superior control and a more efficient transfer of energy. Each piece of electronics is hand-crafted according to purist analogue principles, ensuring quality, neutrality and transparency; the result is a natural-sounding, lifelike speaker with unmatched headroom, resolution and dynamics. The active crossovers used with our SE systems also feature in-room tuning controls to allow the speakers to be adjusted to perfectly suit individual tastes and room acoustics; to guarantee optimum performance in situ, they are always tuned by our factory-trained installation engineers. A distinguishing feature of our active range, developed especially for its high power handling requirements, is the 34mm tweeter. The highly engineered design delivers HF sound with vastly enhanced detail and wider imaging thanks to its ‘acoustic lens’, which alone took 18 months of development.

This three way model delivers emotion, clarity and phenomenal bass detail.

The BB5 is the largest in the range, a 15” Radial™ bass unit allows the speaker to handle music with the widest dynamic range with absolute ease and confidence.

For those who crave greater depth and the feeling of limitless scale, the twin-cabinet MB2 XBD se is the solution.

Of all PMC’s astonishing speakers, the BB5 XBD Active is the one with the most impressive pedigree.