SE series

PMC’s SE range has its roots in the company’s high-end three-way reference monitors, the IB2, MB2, BB5, and the awesome twin-cabinet XBD versions, found in premier studios all over the world. Combining the finest traditions of British cabinet-making and cutting-edge acoustic research and development techniques, the se models achieve new standards in audiophile reproduction and musicality. The range, now available in a variety of passive and active configurations, incorporates meticulously designed internal bracing, computer-modeled driver dispersion surrounds, and custom-created, carefully tuned stands, all bringing listeners closer to the original performance, free from unnatural colouration.
Many of the SE series loudspeakers are now manufactured in active and passive versions. The IB2se is exclusively passive, and the enormous power output of the BB5 XBDse can only be delivered in an active configuration. With all other models, the choice is yours.
With passive loudspeakers, the choice of amplification is left up to the end user. If you already have a favoured amplifier, this may be the route to take; with a supreme-quality amplifier, you are guaranteed superb performance. Much of this is due to the careful design of our speakers’ passive crossovers, which divide the incoming audio signal into the frequency bands best suited to each driver with absolute precision and transparency. The calibre of a crossover has a powerful influence on the overall sound quality of a loudspeaker; unsurprisingly, we allow no compromises in either our design or construction standards. The passive crossover’s foundation is its military-grade, glass-fibre board with the thickest possible conductive copper tracks, which keep resistance low and maximise power delivery to the drive units. Components are matched and selected following careful listening tests, and hand-soldered to guarantee the best possible sound quality and reliability. The layout of the board is carefully chosen to prevent unwanted interactions between components.

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No other loudspeaker of the IB2’s size can compete with its transparency or dynamics. Exhilarating performances will satisfy the most discerning audiophile and music lover.

This three way model delivers emotion, clarity and phenomenal bass detail.

The BB5 is the largest in the range, a 15” Radial™ bass unit allows the speaker to handle music with the widest dynamic range with absolute ease and confidence.

For those who crave greater depth and the feeling of limitless scale, the twin-cabinet MB2 XBD se is the solution.