Custom Installation

PMC has brought its ATL technology, found in the world’s leading studios to a range of discreet, stylish in-wall and on-wall loudspeakers. The slim-line wafer series are capable of astounding room-filling richness and clarity, ideal to recreate the surround sound cinema experience or an audiophile two channel system. 




ci-series logo

The new Custom Install (ci) series from PMC brings all the magic of the movies to the home. Since 1991, when the company was founded, we have been the speaker brand used to create the biggest Hollywood movie soundtracks, from Titanic to Skyfall and Iron Man to Spiderman, and have been awarded an Emmy® for our contribution to recording excellence.

waferinwall Series

waferiw logo

The wafer on wall range is suited to installations where a discreet and elegant look is all-important, but quality of audio reproduction remains paramount. The wafer is an ideal accompaniment to latest in high-resolution visual displays to create a supreme cinema experience, or a compact yet high performance stereo system.

wafer logo

The wafer-iw™ series consists of two models of highly discreet flush mount in-wall loudspeakers. Both provide PMC’s signature reference level audio from a near invisible source.



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