For the ultimate no-compromise pairing of speakers and amplifiers with our patented Advanced Transmission Line™ technology, music and audio professionals seek out our active range of speakers, which uses state-of-the-art active crossovers and analogue or digital amplification to provide unrivalled tonal accuracy, resolution and dynamic range. More on our activated range of speakers, featuring passive crossovers and integral high-power amplifier modules, can also be found below. From wall-mounting compact stereo pairs to floor-standing surround-capable reference monitor rigs, PMC provides a full range of professional solutions.


The result6 provides an introduction to PMC and

Size is certainly deceptive. Although the smallest member of the twotwo family, this ultra-compact nearfield...

The all-new twotwo series combines sophisticated digital signal processing and active amplification to...

The twotwo.8 flagship model is the largest and most accomplished of the twotwo series, employing a...


The three-way IB2S-AII offers discerning users all the attributes of PMC’s large ATL™ reference

The IB1S-AIII offers reference level quality monitoring in a 3-way plug & play design.

Main Monitors

If you are looking for monitoring that combines phenomenal resolution with greater LF headroom,

Whether mounted in soffits or on stands, the MB3, with its distinctive 12-inch Radial™ bass drive

Featuring a second cabinet devoted exclusively to bass, with an additional single 12-inch Radial

Building on the unique heritage and 25-year success of PMC’s BB5, the BB6 offers the same wide dy

The BB6 XBD-A takes distortion to new lows and pushes the maximum SPL to a powerful 131dB

Introducing the QB1-A,: PMC’s newest large-scale reference studio monitor.

The QB1-XBD-A is a statement monitor that has no equal in terms of sheer power and resolution.