The ci series has been designed from the ground up, incorporating proprietary PMC technologies creating the ultimate in slimline, high-performance on-wall and in-wall reference monitors.
The ci series is ideal for playback of stereo and immersive formats, and the largest models provide the greatest headroom, bass and dynamics. All models apart from the ci140 and ci140sub may be mounted in- or on-wall, thanks to their Qikfire™ fittings, bezel-less grille and cabinet sleeve.



The ci30 is the smallest of the range, perfect for in-ceiling, in-wall or on-wall mounting.

The ci45 is suited to larger spaces; it has all the speed and attack of the ci30, and produces greater image depth, bass extension and dynamism.

With a second LT™ (long-throw) bass driver, the ci65 creates more slam and presence than the Ci45, with its additional  headroom and bass extension.

The ci90slim offers the same performance as the ci30 and ci45 in a long, slim cabinet.

The ci140 is the ultimate on-wall monitor design.

The ci140 is complemented by the dedicated and identically sized ci140sub, for the apex in on-wall studio performance.