While it's hard to better a well-engineered set of active speakers, passive monitors, when designed with care and respect like PMC's range, will always outperform inferior active designs. Aimed at customers who prefer to define their own speaker/amplifier combination, our passive speakers are just as uncompromising when it comes to quality, dynamic range and resolution as our active range, and are available in just as many variations and combinations, from two-way nearfields to multi-driver reference monitoring, and from stereo to surround.


The IB1S is an extremely flexible 3-way monitor, which has found its home in the most varied of e

The IB2S is based on the hugely successful IB1S with one major change to the driver compliment.

The MB2S is perfect for mid sized control rooms either soffit mounted or on its custom studio sta

Main Monitors

The MB2S XBD is a development of the successful MB2S with increased dynamics and LF performance.