Twenty Tot

Twenty Tot

Twenty.21 review in Hi-Fi World

"The twenty.21s are a visual and tactile delight"

".....the cymbals were so crisp, vivid and utterly delightful"

"No matter what I chose to feed the PMCs, they absolutely lapped it up, giving everything a highly infectious sense of tautness and musically."

"So the baby of the bunch punches just as hard as the daddy of the range and with width and even more enthusiasm. The PMC twenty.21s are an object lesson in how to wring a big sound from a small box with virtually none of the compromises this usually entails."

"If your heart wants big loudspeakers but your head says the must be small, then look no further."

"The 21s are gifted and accomplished musical performers."

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Review Publication: 
Hi-Fi World
Review Author: 
Adam Smith
Review Date: 
Monday, July 30, 2012
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