Was für eine Nase

Was für eine Nase

twenty.26 review in Stereo magazine

"A Diva? yes certainly. But one that repays with the highest level of musicality if treated properly."

"Bass range surprisingly deep down without exaggeration and is by no means flippant . The step response shows only minimal ringing , the timing of the box is very good."

"The voice was present without twang and the surrounding area has been finely illuminated."

"Jocelyn B. Smith's characteristic timbre sounded as real as Patricia Barber's voice - and the lover of one or another artist can identify voice characteristics with ease."

"We struggled to find weaknesses of the PMC , the speakers were bursting with musicality and playfulness."

"Components are selected meticulously. Even the optimal orientation to each other is determined aurally. (or sonically)"

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Michael Lang
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Monday, November 30, 2015
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