Review Publication Article Product Review Author Datesort descending
HiFi Statement MNetagazine PMC MB2se MB2 SE D I R K S O M M E R 21/10/2022
The Ear PMC twenty5.24i Editors Choice twenty5.24i Richard Barclay 17/11/2022
Stereoplay, Germany Real greatness is in the detail (Echte Grobe zeigt sich im Detail) twenty5.26i Marius Dittert 01/12/2022
HiFi+ PMC twenty5.21i stand-mount speaker twenty5.21i Kevin Fiske 26/06/2023
Gramophone PMC Prodigy5 prodigy5 Staff 20/07/2023
The Ear Prodigy5: small box = great sound prodigy5 Jason Kennedy 05/10/2023 Test Standbox PMC Twenty5 26i twenty5.26i Holger Biermann 27/11/2023