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Discerning music makers regard our monitors as the absolute reference; they are found throughout the audio chain, from composer to recording or mixing, through post-production, mastering and broadcast. They deliver a forensic level of detail that allows you to work faster with complete confidence, knowing that your finished mix will translate technically and emotionally anywhere.

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LA Flagship Boutique Installs Dolby Atmos

Equipped with a high resolution 9.1.4 PMC Nearfield monitoring system, the compact size of this solution shows the versatility of PMC’s product range and how easily an Atmos configuration can be achieved, even in a relatively small space. Find out more

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PMC was founded in the belief that there were many ways in which loudspeaker design could be improved - and better products aren't made by following the crowd. Off-the-shelf drivers, cabinets, and crossovers are commonplace in today's mass-produced world, but our reference monitors demand innovative, non-standard attention to detail to produce the low-distortion, high-resolution designs which have made our reputation.

That's why our cabinets are hand-built, the design of our drivers is unique to us, and our underlying technologies are patented, proprietary designs.

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