What amplifiers do we recommend?

We use both our own, and Bryston amplifiers.  We have distributed Bryston in the UK for many years and we share the same design philosophy and they therefore they make great partners. Our cor integrated amplifier is also a superb choice and has won awards throughout the globe and will combine perfectly with all our models up to the fact.12 Signature.

We always consider that a vast array of amplifiers could be partnered with our loudspeakers so we ensue that they do not present a difficult load or impart character that will colour the sound.  This allows for use with most good quality, well designed electronics.

It is important to remember an amplifier should have enough power in reserve to reproduce dynamic pieces of music or effects. It is easier to damage a loudspeaker with a low powered amplifier driven to distortion than a high-power amplifier with plenty of power in reserve. If in any doubt it will be best if you consult your retailer.  We also offer a power rating guide in the specification table of each product on-line.