What speaker should I choose?

To choose a speaker, you should consider the following:

• How big is my listening area?
• How loud do you listen to your music?

The choice of speaker will always be down to your own personal preferences, whether you listen to your music loud or quiet, or have a room large or small, PMC accommodates for all needs though its extensive consumer range of bookshelf, stand mount and floor standing monitors.

One important factor to consider is that generally small speakers sound better in smaller rooms, and larger speakers sound better in larger rooms. A small room will have higher resonant frequencies, and the bigger the speaker, the more energy will be produced around the room’s resonant frequencies, which can produce an unpleasant overblown bass. Whereas a smaller speaker such as a GB1 or TB2 will not produce the same low end energy, and will sound far more controlled in a smaller room.

If you have a larger room available smaller speakers will still work well, but a larger speaker will have a more extended frequency response and because a larger room has lower resonant frequencies, it is unlikely to be upset by a larger speaker.

These are only guidelines. The best way to select a speaker is to listen to it, preferably in your own listening room if possible and decide for yourself. If you think a speaker sound good, it sounds good, whether it abides by the above guidelines or not.